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Celebs are on their way to Jozi
There are so many celebrities hitting the streets of Jozi in the next few months that you had better cancel your holiday plans now. From hip hop stars to DJs, rock stars to actors, Jozi is going to be the only place to be in the next couple of months. Taking a look into the new year, hard-core rockers are going to be thrilled to hear that Lamb of God will be performing in January. Those who like to keep it on the down-low should look to for Mos Def, the international star who will soon be performing at a very intimate get-together.

Though not strictly in Joburg, don’t forget about Oppikoppi which comes up soon. There will be tons of local and international acts, including American rockers Billy Talent, who will make their appearance at the very first after-party at Oppikoppi. If you’re not going to the festival, check out some of the other festivals in the city which will be bringing out massive international talent. Skunk Anansie is going to show her face to her Joburg fans soon, while Jamiroquai is going to rock the night away.

If you prefer the more traditional concerts, keep an eye out for anyone selling Rihanna tickets. She’s coming pretty soon folks and tickets won’t be easy to find. There will be other artists coming to Jozi in the next half of the year, and in 2014, though no one has yet announced who they are. It seems Jozi is becoming a real hub of international activity.

It sounds like there are going to be a lot of new and famous faces in Johannesburg soon, but if you have any ideas on who should come out next, be sure to send suggestions to concert planners like Big Concerts. Also, keep an eye on Facebook as thanks to consumer sharing, this is usually where the first news of big acts comes out… unless you’re on our news site that is. We’ve got all the latest on the big acts coming to our city, so keep your eyes peeled!

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