Where should I stay when on holiday in South Africa?

South Africa is a country located on the southernmost part of the African continent, and it is home to a variety of unique habitats. Big game can be found in the inland safari area of Kruger National Park. The Western Cape is home to a variety of natural attractions, including beaches, lush winelands in the area around Stellenbosch and Paarl, craggy cliffs at the Cape of Good Hope, forest and lagoons along the Garden Route, and the city of Cape Town, which is nestled beneath the flat-topped Table Mountain.

Taking a holiday in South Africa or anywhere abroad can be a bitter/sweet experience. What we all love the idea of getting away, witnessing a change of scenery and seeing a different world, the organization and cost required can be off putting. One huge help in this area has been the development of the internet which now allows us to thoroughly plan our ideal getaway experience.

While booking trains, flights, taxis, coaches and buses in itself can be tedious, most people enjoy searching for holiday accommodation. While traveling is just something that must be done, finding the right place to rest your head at night can be an exciting experience. As most accommodation facilities now have their own websites it is relatively easy to look up necessary details. Important questions to ask about a place for your holiday are as follows:

In South Africa, residences that can be rented out as vacation rentals, villa rentals, condo rentals, or apartment rental lodging are all spotless, ready, and available. Visit South Africa and book accommodations to make your trip more enjoyable. Table Mountain in Cape Town, which is now a world heritage site; Robben Island, which is also a world heritage site; and the Cradle of Humankind, which is located west of Johannesburg.

These are just a few of the many amazing places that can be found in this region. The Drakensberg Mountains and Kruger National Park are only two examples of places that offer exciting opportunities for outdoor recreation. The coastline extends for more than 3,000 kilometres, so there are plenty of unspoiled beaches and fun things to do in the water. Find and book the ideal holiday lodgings for you, your friends, or your family straight from the owners of South African apartment rentals, villa rentals, condo rentals, vacation rentals, cabins, or cottage accommodations.

Rugby and cricket are two of South Africa’s most well-known sports, and both are extremely popular. Attend a swimming or soccer match, or show your support at a championship event. The number of people participating in activities like surfing and skating is gradually on the rise. Find vacation rentals that are located in close proximity to the excellent sporting arenas, and take in all the excitement that the area has to offer.

Any traveller can find rooms that meet their requirements and are within their price range. There are apartment rentals suitable for business travellers, condo rentals ideal for couples, and villa rentals large enough to accommodate entire families. Places to stay on the beach that offer a private kitchen and enough space to move about in are ideal. While you are on vacation in South Africa, let Owner Direct the responsibility of taking care of your lodging needs. You won’t be disappointed in South Africa as a fantastic vacation destination because it offers everything you could possibly want or envision. Participate in a safari, sample some excellent coffee, investigate a winery, or go surfing near the seaside.

  • What transport do I need to get there?
  • How much will the place cost me?
  • What availability is there?
  • What are the facilities?
  • Is the place pet friendly?
  • How many stars has the place been given?
  • Is it registered with the local tourist board or authority?
  • What are the local attractions?
  • How many people can the room or unit accommodate?

The answers to all these questions should be answered before you book your stay. South Africans will typically holiday in a few very select places such as the north coast of KwaZulu-Natal, the Garden Route or the West Coast.

In these tourist hotspots there are usually all available forms of accommodation such as high-rise hotels, casino hotels and boutique accommodation.

Holiday villas can very attractive but may cost more than an economy room of a hotel. Depending on whether just an individual, a couple or a family, one will need to insure that the accommodation has all that will be needed in both facilities and nearby attractions. Where to stay is a popular website for South Africans looking to find accommodation in any given area. It is always important to ensure the hotel or other form of accommodation is registered with the tourist authority to ensure that a high standard of service is maintained. This includes guest houses and caravan parks.

The Treasure In The Crater

Surrounded by the remains of a volcano crater lies the Pilanesberg National Park, in the North West Province of South Africa. The Pilaansburg, or spelled Pilanesberg, is home to Africa’s famous big five. A mountainous region, it also boasts open veld and dense bushes to support a wide variety of bird and animal life. Situated about an hour north of Johannesburg, the region is extremely popular amongst game reserve campers and wildlife enthusiasts alike. Several game lodges provide  accommodation as well as camping inside the reserve.

A malaria-free area, the Pilanesberg National Park had been expanded in 2004 in an attempt to form a corridor to the Madikwe Game Reserve on the South African border of Botswana. The expansion has not yet been completed due to high property prices, although many private game farmers and reserves, have dropped the fences to allow free movement of animals. The final connection of the two reserves have not yet been done, but it will benefit the biodiversity and available genetic material of the animals of future generations.

The Pilaansburg offers plenty of other attractions as well, including a casino with all the entertainment your heart can desire, and gambling of course. The casino and resort also boasts two world-class golf courses, one of which hosts the Million Dollar Golf Challenge in early December every year. The region, was formerly part of the old Bophuthatswana, before its incorporation back into South Africa.

The Pilaansburg is an archaeologist, or is it a geologist’s, dream. Evidence of human settlements many thousands of years old have been found, mostly from the Iron and Stone ages. And geologists have discovered that the type of volcano, called an alkaline volcano, is only one of three such volcanoes on the entire planet. Geologically it is called the Pilanesberg Alkaline Ring Complex, with the volcano completely dormant.

In the wider Pilaansburg region platinum was discovered and has been actively mined since the end of 1933. The mines are some of the world’s largest platinum producers and provide employment to thousands of workers, not involved in the tourism industry of the area.

Fast becoming a wildlife area of choice, the Pilanesberg offers many treasures as a South African tourist destination.

What The Free State Has To Offer

If you wish to go on a holiday within South Africa where the countryside is still rather unspoilt while stretching along rivers and over the mountains then the Free State is definitely the destination for you and your family.  The Free State has so much to offer with countless adventurous routes which will make this a holiday to remember.

The Maloti Route is a breathtaking route which guides you through the Highlands of the Free Sate crossing over into Lesotho where the Maluti Mountains form part of your trip and ending up at the Seekoeivlei Nature Reserve.  If you are at all interested in the history of the goldmines then the Goldfields Route will take you to the Lejweleputswa area.  The Friendly N6 Route is where you will experience the Southern Free State by going from Bloemfontein to Reddersburg, Smithfield, Rouxville and Aliwal North to name but a few places.  The BBT Route takes you to Bloemfontein, Botshabelo and Thaba Nchu to experience their cultural heritage.  If history is more to your liking then the Battlefield Route where you will visit the sites related to the Anglo-Boer War as well as various battlefield sites, military monuments, was museums and a couple of concentrations camp cemeteries.

There are a wide variety of attractions in and around the Free State and one of the regions offering such a variety for families, senior travellers and backpackers is the Motheo region.  There is so much to see and do that many people tend to return.  When it comes to dining and entertainment you are spoilt for choice.  The Motheo menu can give you anything from shebeens, delis, gourmet restaurants, coffee shops, cafes and so forth.  There are more than ten gourmet restaurants.  For entertainment you can choose between casinos, theatres, concerts or maybe listening to jazz in the botanical gardens.

For accommodation you can always pay the Hotel President a visit.  This hotel situated in Naval Hill is about 2 kilometres from the city centre of Bloemfontein. Bloem Spa is another option for accommodation.  It is about 8 kilometres for the city centre and has the most beautiful views of the city.

Hotels Up And Down South Africa

The diversity of South Africa’s people and its natural environment is reflected in the sizes and styles of its architecture. This variety is also visible in the hotel industry.  From the small country style hotel perfect for family holidays, to the large formally styled venues where business people congregate for meetings and mergers.

Although the primary function of the hotel remains the supply of temporary accommodation, the industry has evolved to become much more. It has become an industry to provide services to the needs of its patrons beyond a bed and breakfast. Hotels in large cities, especially those that typically attract tourists, focus on providing services for that kind of patron. The concierge service desk would include the information of things to do, and places to visit that would interest all particular tastes.

Large conference venues will include hotel accommodation and services required for the attendees of the conference. People working the whole day, or listening to complicated presentations, are invariably in need of some after hours distractions. Hotel facilities that includes spa services or gym facilities will generally be a good choice in such cases. Of course, a restaurant or two that provide good food that caters for all tastes and special dietary requirements, will always be a winner.

The biggest of them all would be the hotel resort and casino.

South Africa boasts a group of resort hotels that fall exactly in this category. The hotel resort caters to the needs of the entire family, and includes more adult entertainments in the form of gambling and shows. Resorts with enough space will include sporting venues such as tennis, squash, fully fitted gyms and golf courses.

Water sports are especially popular during the hot summer months. Motor boating, skiing, rowing and sail boarding are no longer sports for just the sea or large dams. Hotel venues with wave makers for surfing are just as popular as the white sandy beaches – at the in-land resorts. The ocean may not be the place to visit this summer, but the sea will never be too far if such facilities are available.

Enjoy Your Next Holiday In The Eastern Cape

Very often one forgets how beautiful your own country is.  We are easily persuaded to vacation overseas and to spend a ton of money on the holiday as well. But we have such beautiful holiday places right here in South Africa!  One of the most beautiful provinces in the entire country is the Eastern Cape.  So if you are planning a holiday why not consider going to one of the many fantastic holiday places in the Eastern Cape?

There is Kenton On Sea, which lies between East London and Port Elizabeth.  Unspoiled beaches and blue skies await you in this little peace of heaven.  Should you feel for a night out on the town you could drive down to Port Elizabeth since it is just an hour’s drive away.  Port Elizabeth is the capital city of the Eastern Cape and here you will find many attractions to keep you busy while on holiday.  The Boardwalk is a casino/mall situated right in the centre of PE and almost right on the beach.  You will find all kinds of activities there such as games for the kids, gambling, shopping etc.

The Eastern Cape is the hub of many social gatherings, so you will be sure to enjoy the company of celebrities once or twice while at a high class nightclub or charity event!  The air is also cleaner in the Eastern Cape especially around Kenton On Sea, which will help you to really recharge during your holiday and return home refreshed and a new person.

There are also many museums and national wildlife parks in the Eastern Cape such as the Seaview Lion Park, Bayworld and Addo Elephant park.  Here you can enjoy nature at its finest!  Addo Elephant Park has some of the worlds oldest and most beautiful elephants.  Bayworld has an onsite museum of all kinds of oddities and also dinosaurs, as well as an aquarium which boasts dolphins, seals and penguins.  The Seaview Lion Park makes for an unforgettable experience as well considering you can play with the tiger and lion cubs while touring through the park!

The Top 10 Holiday Attractions In Durban

1. Golden Mile
From the glamorous Suncoast Casino, stretching all the way to the Vetchies pier in the south, the Golden Mile offers unmatched beaches, amazing restaurants and something exciting for the whole family.

2. uShaka Marine World
One of the top destinations in Durban, the uShaka Marine World is the biggest marine park in South Africa, and the 5th biggest in the world! It offers something for the whole family: educational tours, exciting rides, warm pools and a variety of boutique stores.

3. The Botanical Gardens
The Botanical Gardens offer tranquil and beautiful scenery, as well as offering one of the most popular picnic destinations in Durban. With hundreds of different species of flora, The Botanical Gardens boasts South Africa’s oldest famed Jacaranda tree.

4. Umgeni River Bird Park
A definite must-see for avid birdwatchers, the Umgeni Bird Park offers over 3 000 different species of birds, as well as being a picnic destination favourite which is situated close to various luxury boutique hotels.

5. The Moses Mabhida Stadium
An iconic part of Durban’s skyline, the Moses Mabhida Stadium was built for the 2010 World Cup and has since hosted world-class teams from all over the planet.

6. Umhlanga Rocks Beachfront
Umhlanga is one of the most glamorous, exciting areas in Durban. Packed with beautiful people and upmarket bars, restaurants and nightclubs, it’s a must.

7. Valley of 1 000 Hills
This is an unspoiled and tranquil part of Durban. It’s quiet, as many tourists aren’t aware of its existence, but it’s a favourite among locals and nature-lovers.

8. Bat Centre
The BAT Centre is an art and culture community which can be found within the small craft harbor. For those looking to chill out or buy some new items, this is the perfect destination.

9. Blue Lagoon
This is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places to visit in Durban. Romantic and soulful, these lagoons are a favourite.

10. City Hall Natural Science Museum
An exciting and education exploration into the history of science. With exhibitions of a variety of different creatures, this is fun for the whole family.

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