Exploring The Karoo

The Karoo is an area that is simple teaming with wildlife. A trip to the Karoo would not be complete without spotting herds of Buffalo, Kudu, and elephants. Ostrich is a commonly seen animal in this area too and many farmers actually produce this particular meat. Cliffs and streams in this area make for a somewhat beautiful contradiction and ensure a delight for the eye of the outdoor enthusiast. The area is also very well known for its production of wine. Of course, visitors to the Karoo will embark on spoor hunting, game viewing, wine tasting and even hiking. If you like to be outdoors and want to get back to nature, then a trip to the Karoo is certainly for you. The Cango Caves is a popular tourist attraction in the Karoo and offers hours of interest. The national arts festival held in the area each year also ensures that visitors to the area get the opportunity to appreciate the culture, drama, art, and food of the locals.

Other popular places of interest to consider when planning a trip to the Karoo include Anysberg Nature Reserve, Bosluiskloof Pass, Aquila Game Reserve, Floriskraal Dam, Gamkapoort Dam, Gamkaberg Nature Reserve, Cogmanskloof Pass, Kammanassie Nature Reserve, Karoo National Park, Ko-Ka Tsara Game Reserve, Swartberg Nature Reserve and Towerkop Nature Reserve to name but a few. Of course, there are many more places of interest in this particular area. It is best to note that the Karoo is best suited for a holiday for those who want to get out and explore nature – this is definitely not a holiday destination for the faint-hearted. Of course, just like planning a trip to anywhere else in the country, make sure that you pack clothing well suited to the arid climate of the area. It can get quite hot so remember to pack sunblock and a hat. There are various tours and packages offered to the area that you should certainly consider for your holiday to the Karoo. Whether you are traveling alone, as a group, or as a family, you are bound to thoroughly enjoy your trip to this particular destination.

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