Make Your Own Gorgeous Beaded Braided Leather Bracelets

People who love crafts, sit up and take note. Leatherwork is now easier than ever before, and given its nature, it can be decorated in just about any way you can think of. Not convinced? Follow these instructions and see why crafting with leather is simple, beautiful and above all, lots of fun.

Firstly, buy leather thread from any craft store. Make sure that the thread is relatively thin, so that your beads will fit on it. Take the beads you will be using with you to the store and test them to see if they slip onto the thread. If not, you may need thinner thread, or thicker beads. Cut four pieces from the ball of string that are each about 90 centimetres in length. Place the strings in four rows and then tie the ends with a tight slipknot, so that it cannot come loose. The slipknot should end in a loop (this is where the bracelet will be tied to the other end). Next, put a piece of sticky tape on the knot you created and tape the whole thing to the table.

Now, put the strings in even rows and assign them numbers from one to four. Pick up the first string and lift it over the second. Then, pick up the fourth string and lift it over the third, then put it over the first string again (this is why you should number them). Keep going until you have gotten halfway. Then tie a small knot in each group of two strings at the point where your braiding has ended. Slip a few beads over each pair of strings and tie a knot again. Then continue braiding until your bracelet is finished and tie the end with a loop again.

Now, you will need rings and clasps, which you can buy at any craft store, to close up the ends. Put the clasps onto the ends (you may need pliers for this) and close them up. You now have gorgeous bracelets that you can sell or give away to friends, and don’t be surprised if no one believes you actually made them yourself.

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