A Flower for Every Romantic Occasion

Few things in life go together like romance and flowers. Spice up any romantic occasion and setting with flowers and you are sure to secure a permanent place in your romantic partner’s heart. Flowers bring joy to a human heart, make atmospheres come to life, and bring smiles to people. Also, there is a unique type of flower for any occasion.

For a nice, quiet romantic dinner for two decorate the table with red roses and a bowl of potpourri with nice smelling spices to keep the atmosphere fragrance-rich and very romantic. Red roses symbolize deep affection and love, and a budding rose shows readiness to open up to new possibilities. You can also show your romantic partner how committed and deeply in love you are with them by giving them a bunch of freshly-picked red roses on special occasions.

Spice up a romantic picnic setting with a small bunch of flowers such as daisies or iris. Daisies symbolize romance, purity, and innocence – perfect for making your partner feel your romantic feelings towards them, but also make them feel safe with you. These flowers symbolize purity, faith, and hope.
Show your partner that you want to take your relationship to the next level by giving her romantic orchids in white or pink. These flowers are known to be a sign of beauty and seduction and can create a very romantic atmosphere. The timing, mood and setting have to be just right.

Are you ready for a long-term relationship and ready to commit to your romantic partner? Or maybe you just got engaged. Give them carnations. These flowers last longer – up to a couple of weeks. The length of survival of carnations will show your partner that you are in the relationship for keeps and keep the romance alive.
If your romance is still relatively new and you are still getting to know each other, why not give your partner a bunch of lilies? These are perfect for an occasion such as a first date. Give her the flowers when you pick her up at her place. Giving your romantic partner lilies convey your emotions to them. Lilies are romantic flowers that symbolise a sense of opening-up to new possibilities.

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