Advantages and Disadvantages of Camera Surveillance

Camera surveillance is done by the means of CCTV. There are many institutes that use CCTV camera surveillance, including schools so that they can keep an on the activities that are happening on school grounds. Businesses will use camera surveillance to keep an eye on the employee’s behavior and retail businesses on the customers so that they can prevent crime and theft. When a business or an institute decides to use CCTV then they need to be aware of both the negatives and the positives of camera surveillance.

Employees from time to time have to deal with difficult customers, camera surveillance allows the security to see these and stop any altercations before they get violent. This means that the employee can then be protected. Camera surveillance is a huge help when a crime has been committed. The crime may have been caught on camera and then this can help with investigations and possibly apprehend the criminal.

Unfortunately, camera surveillance has its drawbacks and is not actually able to show every single inch of a business. This means that camera surveillance has blind spots. If someone is familiar with the layout of the business and knows where the cameras are then they might be able to bypass the system altogether. Also, camera lenses can be covered up meaning that a criminal can get past the system if they are clever about it.

Camera surveillance has one major problem and there is one huge disagreement about using camera surveillance and that is the invasion of privacy. This is because people’s behaviors can be observed every single day and they will then always be under scrutiny. However, it is hard to argue against the fact that camera surveillance can deter a lot of criminal behavior. Criminals are less likely to steal from somewhere that has CCTV and children at school are less likely to engage in criminal behaviors if they are being watched. Camera surveillance should not be abused though and the right to it. It should not be used to spy on people but rather just to monitor people and their behaviors.

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